All positions on this page are security-sensitive positions and are subject to a criminal history record. (Texas Government Code 411.094 & Texas Education Code 51.215)



 Accountant-General Ledger    


 Accountant Staff


 Accountant-Student Billing    






Administrative Secretary to the President


 Advancement Services Specialist       


Advancement Specialist Website Support



Assistant Athletic Director 


  Assistant Baseball Coach


 Athletic Trainer

  Assistant Director of Financial Aid   Assistant Registrar






 Assistant Softball Coach


Assistant Volleyball Coach


Assistant Director of
Information Technology






  Associate Dean of Instructional Services  


Associate Dean of Student Services


  Business Office/Facilities Coordinator






 Bookstore Manager Vernon

  Bookstore Manager
Century City Center
  Campus Police Officer


Classified I PBX Operator CCC


Classified I PBX Operator CCC Evening


  Classified II Faculty Assistant Arts and Science Vernon






 Classified II Admissions Clerk


Classified II Faculty Assistant Allied Health CCC


Classified II Administrative Assistant Part time ADN Vernon






 Classified II, Bookstore Clerk - CCC 


 Classified II Bookstore CLerk Vernon


 Classified II Administrative Asstistant Continuing Ed. CCC






Classified II Administrative Assistant Counseling CCC


  Classified II Administrative Faculty Assistant LVN CCC


 Classified II Administrative Assistant Special Services Vernon






 Classified II Faculty Assistant Applied Arts Vernon


Classified II, Financial Aid - Administrative Clerk


 Classified II financial Aid Processor/Disbursement Clerk






 Classified II Financial Aid Processing/Electronic Clerk


 Classified II Financial Aid/Third Party Awarding Clerk


 Classified II Financial Aid Processor/Veterans Service Clerk






Classified II Cosmetology Lab Assistant Operator CCC


 Classified II Cosmetology Lab Assistant Mail Clerk Vernon


  Classified II Administrative Assistant Library CCC






 Classified II Administrative Assistant Library Technical


 Classified II Administrative Faculty Assistant LVN CCC


 Classified II Administrative Assistant Library Circulation Vernon


 Classified II Financial Aid Processor/Direct Loan Clerk  

  Classified II Faculty Assistant ADN CCC


Classified II, Receptionist/PBX - Vernon



Classified II Faculty Assistant STC  


 Classified II Administrative Assistant Counseling and Associate Dean CCC


 Classified II Administrative Assistant Counseling Vernon






  Classified II Administrative Assistant Testing CCC


 Classified III Accounting Clerk


 Classified III Cashier-Accounting Clerk WF  






Classified III Cashier Accounting Clerk Vernon Campus  


  Classified III Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Instructional Services-CCC


  Classified III Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Instructional Services-Vernon






  Classified III Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean Instructional Services-CCC


  Classified III Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean Instructional Services- Vernon


 Classified III Administrative Assistant Dean of Students Vernon


Classified III Administrative Assistant Athletics

Classified III Administrative Assistant ADN Vernon


  Classified III Faculty Assistant Communications CCC


  Classified III Administrative Assistant Director Human Resources






 Classified III Administrative Assistant Director Physical Plant


 Classified III Administrative Assistant Instructional Services SLC


CNA Director






 Coach- Baseball


Coach- Rodeo 


Coach - Softball






Coach - Volleyball


Congregate Meals


 Coordinator Admissions and Records Computer






Coordinator of Allied
Health Services


 Coordinator Business and Industry Services


 Coordinator of Community and Recreational Services; Vernon



 Coordinator Recreation and Community Services CCC


  Coordinator Early Colllege Start Outreach


 Coordinator of EMS



 Coordinator of Marketing and Alumni Relations, Office of Institutional Advancement

    Coordinator of Nursing Lab     






Coordinator of Protective Services   Coordinator of Student Loans    

  Coordinator Testing Center


 Coordinator of Veteran Affairs


  Counselor-Wichita Falls-A






 Counselor WF B




  Dean of Administrative Services











Dean of Admissions
and Financial Aid


Dean of Instructional Services 


 Dean of Student Services 







Director of Admissions and Records

  Director of Associate Degree Nursing Program    

Director of Athletics


 Director Bookstore Services


Director of
Campus Police


Director of Certified
Nurse Aid Program


 Director of Congregate Meals


Director of Continuing Education






Director of Cosmetology


 Director of Facilities WF


 Director of Financial Aid






Director of


Director of Human Resources  








Director of
Institutional Advancement


 Director ofInstitutional Effectiveness 


Director of
Library Services






 Director of Physical Plant




 Director of Quality Enhancement 






 Director of Special Services


 Director of Student Activities


Director of
Student Relations






  Director of Vocational Nursing


Division Chair 








  EMS Instructor & Clinical Supervisor


Health Clinic Nurse








 Information Technology Specialist


Institutional Support Specialist


 Instructional Design and Technology Coordinator 










Instructor - Adjunct






Criminal Justice




High School
Health Sciences






Interpreter Services


Interpreter - ADA Services


 Librarian - CCC






 Library Services - Media Specialist


Librarian - Technical Services


 PASS CenterCoordinatorVernon 






 PASS Center CoordinatorCCC 


PASS Center


PASS Center Tutor






Physical Plant Building and Grounds Technician Wichita Falls 


 Physical Plant Custodial Technician Wichita Falls


Physical Plant
Custodial Technician


Physical Plant - Maintenance Specialist Vernon  

Physical Plant Grounds Technician Vernon







Physical Plant
Housing Maintenance


Physical Plant
Maintenance and Custodian
Wichita Falls


Physcial Plant
Maintenance Technician






Physical Plant
Supervisor of Custodians


Physical Plant
Supervisor of Grounds


Physical Plant
Supervisor of Maintenance






Physical Plant Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Wichita Falls

   Physical Plant Maintenance Specialist - Wichita Falls    





Presidential Search Advisor


Site Manager STC



Special Services Assistant