Core Requirement 2.10


The institution provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission and that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students. (Student Support Services)






Vernon College provides student support programs, services, and activities consistent with its mission and vision statement that “promotes a culture of success.” Vernon College strives to make these programs, services and activities available to all students.


These student support services functions not only to promote academic learning but personal growth and development as well. Vernon College makes every effort to integrate student services and academic services providing a seamless college experience and continuity throughout the College.


RecruitingVernon College employs a full time Director of Student Relations to provide informational support to potential and current students on campus, in our service area and in other regional settings. Illustrations of this include campus tour dates at all College campuses, campus visits to area high schools, mail out materials to all interested parties, and email and website access for potential students.


Admissions and Transfer ProceduresVernon College is a member of the Apply Texas Online application process, a collaborative effort between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas colleges and universities. Students are able to apply online for admission to any Texas public college or university from one website. Vernon College also affords student online access to transcript requests and well as immediate access to unofficial transcripts. The College continues to maintain on-site Admissions Offices at the Vernon Campus, Century City Center and Sheppard Learning Center for students who choose to conduct their business in person or require special help.


New Student Group Advising – Every new student is required to attend a New Student Group Advising Session (NSGA). NSGA is a comprehensive orientation program that outlines a student’s responsibilities and opportunities from the student’s initial interest in attending college to completing their education goals. NSGA sessions are presented by a College counselor or the Director of Student Relations. Students are provided printed materials as well as an oral and visual presentation. Sessions are offered at a variety of times. Students unable to attend a session due to physical distance restrictions are provided materials via mail and provided an opportunity to visit with a counselor on the phone or through email. Every student attending NSGA is asked to complete a survey. Survey results are tabulated at the completion of each major registration period and presented to the Dean of Student Services. The NSGA program is reviewed yearly by the College’s counseling staff to update all materials in order to accurately reflect the current programs and publications of Vernon College.


Testing Centers – Vernon College Testing Centers are located on the Vernon Campus and the Century City Campus in Wichita Falls and are managed by the Testing Coordinator. Testing Centers offer Texas Success Initiative (TSI) approved computerized placement testing using the Accuplacer test. The Testing Centers also offer computerized CLEP, NET, GAP, TEAS testing as well as the GED test. The Testing Centers maintain student friendly flexible hours and testing is by appointment.  The Testing Center also maintains an informative website to answer student questions.


Financial AidVernon College believes that a student’s financial resources should not limit his or her educational opportunities. The College strives to provide financial assistance fairly and equitably based on documented financial need. Financial aid offices are maintained at the Vernon Campus and the Century City Center as well as an updated website dedicated to helping students navigate federal and state prospects for funding. The Vernon College Financial Aid Office and its staff also award and administer Vernon College scholarships, loans, and the supervised work study program.


Veterans AffairsVernon College maintains a Veterans Benefits Office and publishes the Handbook for Veterans to help eligible students access potential benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill.  Specific information is provided through the College’s website and the Veterans Affairs Coordinator is available to help students navigate this process.


Academic AdvisingVernon College offers advising services to all students. Students who are not Texas Success Initiative (TSI) clear according to state guidelines are directed to see one of four Vernon College counselors. Each student who is not TSI clear is provided an Individual Developmental Plan so that they clearly understand the minimum standards of college readiness set by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Students who are considered TSI clear or students working on a specific technical program may see either a College counselor or a College academic advisor. Vernon College faculty advising fosters a close relationship between students and faculty members who have specific, in depth knowledge of their field.


My VC – The College maintains an online student information system that allows students to register, add/drop courses, view their current unofficial transcript and test scores, view end of course grades, as well as view current demographic and financial aid status. This system is set up so that individual information can be viewed even outside of the College’s regular business hours. This is available to all Vernon College students. Directions to navigate the system are available in the printed College’s Schedule of Classes as well as online.


FACTS program – The FACTS program employed by Vernon College allows students to make tuition and fees payments online using a credit card or to enroll in a payment plan.  Information on the FACTS program is available on the Colleges website or in the printed informational brochure.

HousingVernon College provides affordable on campus housing at the Vernon Campus.  Housing facilities and tenants are monitored by an on-site Director of Student Housing and Residence Advisors. Housing applications, regulations, fees and contracts are available on the College’s website or in hard copy through the Housing Office or Student Services Office. A housing orientation is conducted each semester to clarify housing regulations and maintain the safety and security of all residents.


Freshman Orientation – The Vernon College Counseling Office provides a Freshman Orientation Program at the beginning of each academic year with the intent of exposing first time Vernon College students to all of the extracurricular opportunities that the College offers. Orientations are offered at the Vernon Campus and Century City Center. Students are notified of the days and times of orientation by a direct mail postcard as well as by flyers and classroom announcements. Each student is asked to complete a Freshman Orientation Survey which is tabulated and presented to the Dean of Student Services. The program is also evaluated each summer by the College’s counselors so that the information presented is updated.


New Beginnings – The New Beginnings Program  provides grant based services to the single parent or displaced homemaker who is attending Vernon College to pursue a technical degree. Services available include free textbooks and tutoring, free child care, gasoline reimbursement, and work study positions. The program is available to qualifying students at all Vernon College locations.


Special Services AccommodationsVernon College offers reasonable accommodations in accordance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to any qualified student at the Vernon campus and any of the College’s Learning Centers. Documentation of applicable physical, mental or emotional disabilities must be provided to the Director of Special Services. Vernon College also strives to maintain barrier free campuses.


PASS CentersVernon College offers Proactive Assistance for Student Success (PASS) Centers to offer free academic support to all of its students. This support may include tutoring, study and time management techniques as well as test taking strategies.


Computer Labs Computer facilities are available at all major instructional locations during posted hours.  In addition all libraries and resource centers offer computers with internet access.  Internet connection is also provided for students residing in the student residence centers on the Vernon campus.


Academic Progress CorrespondenceVernon College instructors can request that a letter generated from the College’s Counseling Office be sent to a student noting the College’s concern regarding a student’s absenteeism. Instructors can complete and submit midterm semester grades which the Office of Admissions/Registrar uses to generate letters to students notifying them if they are doing poorly in a class and outlining the choices a student has regarding continuation in class.

Health Clinic – The College’s Vernon campus maintains a Health Clinic during the semester.  The clinic is staffed by a Registered Nurse and a Medical Doctor is available during posted hours. If the Health Clinic staff determine that more intensive medical treatment is needed students are referred to area hospitals and specialists for treatment. The Health Clinic along with the Vernon College counseling staff provides wellness information brochures at the Vernon campus and its learning centers.


Personal CounselingVernon College Counseling Staff offer brief personal counseling to all students. Counseling staff have been trained to identify mental health issues which cannot be handled in a brief therapy environment and appropriate referrals are made for more intensive intervention. All counselors have access to and have been trained to use a Suicide Risk Assessment, Violent Behavior Assessment and a Community Resource list. The College’s Director of Counseling updates all of these referral tools on a yearly basis and conducts training regarding these issues for all College personnel.


Career Counseling Career Counseling helps students learn more about themselves through interest and personality inventories enabling students to clarify and evaluate both career and educational goals. Current job market information is available to help students develop a reasonable strategy for success in reaching both career and educational goals.


Employment Opportunity Centers – Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Employment Opportunity Centers which exist for the purpose of helping students obtain employment both while attending Vernon College and after completion of a certificate or degree. The Employment Opportunity Centers are located in the Student Services Offices at all College locations. The Counselors also host a yearly job fair dedicated to helping students and graduates connect with area employers.


Food Services Vernon College offers food services on the Vernon campus in the Colley Student Center. Food Services provides snacks and meals for students and visitors during weekdays.


Clubs and OrganizationsVernon College offers a wide array of school sponsored student organizations designed to offer students an extracurricular outlet for fellowship. All clubs and organizations are sanctioned by the Dean of Student Services and open to all students regardless of race, gender or ethnicity (see also Student Organization Resources)


Student Government Association

Wichita Falls Student Forum

Chaparral Christian Fellowship

Chaparral Singers

Phi Theta Kappa

Student Nurses Association

Surgical Technology Student Association



Intercollegiate AthleticsVernon College has athletic programs and participates in intercollegiate rodeo, volleyball, baseball, and softball. Vernon College softball, baseball and volleyball programs are members of the Northern Junior College Athletic Conference and Region V of the National Junior College Athletic Association. The College’s men’s and women’s rodeo teams compete in the Southwest Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Each program has been recognized nationally for athletic achievement. Vernon College emphasizes the educational opportunities that our athletic programs offer students. Attendance at all athletic events hosted by Vernon College is free of charge for all students. 


Intramurals – The College has an active intramural program that is open to all students and campus organizations. The program promotes a sense of community, school spirit, and physical fitness through encouraging an active and involved lifestyle.


Student Government Association and Student Forum – Through the Student Government Association in Vernon and the Student Forum in Wichita Falls the College offers students practical experience in leadership and civic participation.  These organizations are open to participation by any student.


Special Programs and Cultural AwarenessVernon College offers relevant programming annually to highlight student issues including drug and alcohol awareness as well as cultural diversity.  These programs are offered and advertised in a format where all students can participate.


Student Identification CardsVernon College provides each student the opportunity to obtain a photo identification card. ID cards are used at the Learning Resource Centers and for security purposes. Due to the validity of these cards area merchants have promoted discounts for students who have a card.


Honors Convocation – The Vernon College Student Services Division hosts an annual Honors Convocation. Instructors are encouraged to nominate outstanding students in each field of study offered by Vernon College. Faculty and staff can also nominate students for general awards from each major instructional center. The Vernon College Honors Committee comprised of both faculty and staff meets yearly to review and set the guidelines for Honor Students.


Sports Day – The Vernon College Student Services Division hosts an annual Sports Day in which all students and faculty are encouraged to participate in programmed activities. This special day allows students an opportunity to connect with faculty and staff in an environment outside the classroom or office fostering positive relationships across normal boundaries.


High School Counselor Luncheon – The Vernon College Counseling Office sponsors an Annual High School Counselor Appreciation Luncheon. These luncheons give the College the chance to meet with area high school counselors and provide information to help high school counselors communicate directly with future and concurrently enrolled Vernon College students.


Student Update – The Student Services Division produces a weekly publication that highlights activities and announcements specifically for students. The update is available at all Vernon College locations and online.


Security Vernon College Security provides a safe and secure environment at all College locations so that students can concentrate on academics. Vernon College employs two full time peace officers as well as contracted security providing for a protected educational environment.


Additional information can be obtained from the Vernon College General Catalog and Vernon College Student Handbook and on the Vernon College website.




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