Comprehensive Standard 3.11.1


The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources. (Control of Physical Resources)






The institution exercises control over all physical resources. The institution has policies that govern the use of facilities by institutional and outside groups. The records for facilities utilization rest jointly in the offices of the Directors of the Physical Plant and the Dean of Instructional Services. The Dean of Instructional Services maintains detailed records as to when and where all classes are to be conducted. The utilization of College facilities by outside parties is maintained by the Directors of the Physical Plants. Detailed calendars of events are maintained for review at any time. The directors of the physical plant maintain detailed records of work orders presented to assist institutional personnel in better performance of their duties and responsibilities.


Governmental Accounting Standards Board proclamations required depreciation accounting a number of years ago. The institution maintained at that time, and continues to maintain, detailed records of all items on the institutionís inventory. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas liaison entity between the institution and the Texas Legislature, recommended that the thresh hold for capitalization of assets for depreciation purposes be set at $5,000. The institutionís Board of Trustees approved the recommendation. The Vernon College Board Policy Manual, Section CDB Local delineates the accounting for inventories process. The policy requires the president to develop or have developed a system to monitor inventories and establish accountability for all fixed assets. The President delegated this process to the associate dean of administrative services. The Associate Dean of Administrative Services monitors all purchases of assets that meet the test for capitalization. The Associate Dean of Administrative Services maintains a file that records the assets properly, monitors the assets through out the life from purchase to disposal; furnishes all records to the independent auditors at year end, records depreciation accurately on all capital assets, and acts as the risk manager for the institution and coordinates appropriately with insurance agents.


The Associate Dean of Administrative Services is the risk manager for the institution. The Associate Dean monitors all insurance policies for appropriateness and to avoid duplication of coverage. All policies are either reviewed by the risk manager and sent to the appropriate department or held in the business office for review when necessary. The Associate Dean has been a member of the Texas Association of School Boardís community/junior college advisory board for property and liability insurance in the past. He is no longer is a member of the board but continues to attend sessions on risk management and risk management techniques at annual conferences for professional development.

The institution maintains an active plan for disaster preparedness. A standing committee for the institution has as its purpose to review and monitor the Collegeís Institutional Security and Safety Policies and make necessary recommendations to the Presidentís Council. Within the plan is a detailed procedure to follow at all college campuses and centers when a disaster occurs. A copy of the plan has been in print and given to all new employees and reviewed at fall staff development with all full-time staff. The most recently updated plan is on the institutionís web site for anyone to review. Disaster drills have conducted in the past and are planned for in the future. Disaster planning is a necessity because the north-west Texas area is a prime location for tornadoes and high winds.




1.    Vernon College Facilities Use Form

2.    Vernon College Board Policy Manual, Section CDB Local (Accounting Inventory)

3.    Emergency Procedures

4.    Institutional Security and Safety Policies