Comprehensive Standard 3.11.2


The institution takes reasonable steps to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all members of the campus community. (Institutional Environment)






The institution provides a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all member of the campus community. The institution has a standing committee with the following responsibilities; to review and monitor the institutionís Institutional Security and Safety Policies and recommend any necessary changes; to receive a report on the annual security, safety and health-related inspection of all campuses; to recommend that reasonable steps are taken to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all and to make suggestions on how to provide information to students on crime prevention, safety and health issues.


Vernon College maintains a police and security force on all campuses and centers. The police and security force is comprised of a police chief that is a Texas Certified Peace Officer and one additional Certified Peace Officer as well as a contract with a security service in Wichita Falls for security coverage when the full-time officers are not available. The chief of police is located on the Vernon Campus and the additional certified officer is located on the Century City Center in Wichita Falls. These are the two largest sites and require the most supervision and review. A contracted security service has officers that are to patrol and secure all facilities when the full-time officers are not available. The scheduling of coverage is the responsibility of the Chief of Police and all incident reports are processed through the Office of Police Services. The only center not covered by security services is the Sheppard Learning Center on Sheppard Air Force Base (SAFB) in Wichita Falls. SAFB has its own police force and no additional personnel or resources are required to supplement their efforts.


Fire and safety plans are covered in much the same way as reviewed above when discussing the disaster plans for the institution. The institution has a standing committee that reviews the standards for each campus or center. Recommendations are made to the president for changes to the approved plans. The plans are reviewed in new employee orientations with all new faculty and staff members and are also reviewed every fall during mandatory fall staff development for full-time faculty and staff. The committee also conducts health and safety inspections of all institutional campuses and centers annually and makes recommendations for improvements to the president.


Safety manuals and all safety equipment are maintained in all science labs and appropriate maintenance areas. All staff has been trained on the proper use of equipment and the proper use of protection devices. Maintenance, custodial and grounds staff have been provided staff development activities conducted by various vendors when new safety equipment has been purchased.




1.    Institutional Security and Safety Policies

2.    Fire and safety plans