Comprehensive Standard 3.2.12


The institutionís chief executive officer controls the institutionís fund-raising activities exclusive of institution-related foundations that are independent and separately incorporated. (Fund-raising Activities)






The Vernon College chief executive officer has control over the institutionís fund raising activities. This authority is outlined in the Vernon College Employee Handbook. The policy states, in part, staff or staff groups who wish to raise funds and all off-campus fund-raising must be approved in advance through the Office of the College President and the Office of Institutional Advancement is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all private philanthropy fund-raising for Vernon College. The Director of Institutional Advancement coordinates fund-raising efforts with the President and has major responsibility for the fund-raising activities for the College. The Director of Institutional Advancement reports directly to the College President, therefore, the chief executive officer (president) has ultimate control for the institutionís fund-raising.




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