Comprehensive Standard 3.2.9


The institution defines and publishes policies regarding the appointment and employment of faculty and staff. (Appointment of Faculty and Staff)





The vision statement and supporting mission statement of Vernon College attests to the institution’s commitment to quality educational programs and services. To this end, the institution strives to efficiently employ and retain the most qualified faculty and staff available. Therefore, Vernon College follows specific policies, processes, and criteria for the appointment and employment of faculty and staff. These policies, processes, and criteria are defined and published in the Vernon College Board Policy Manual, Section DC Legal, Section DC Local, Section DN Local; the Vernon College Employee Handbook (Employment Procedures and Faculty Selection and Qualifications) and the Vernon College Instructor Handbook.


No position is authorized at the College unless it has been specifically approved in advance by the College President and made part of both the official “table of organization” and the College’s budget. Once approved by the College President, new and vacant positions are forwarded to the Human Resources Office via the Vernon College Personnel Request and Recommendation Form and/or the Position Vacancy Form, both of which list pertinent factors such as minimum qualification requirements, description of duties, term of contract, and salary or salary range. A search committee is appointed by the supervising Dean and advertisements are appropriately publicized utilizing various media outlets. Applications are received by Human Resources, screened for minimum qualifications, and forwarded to the Chair of the designated Search Committee. After the application deadline has passed, the Search Committee reviews all applications and selects qualified applicants to be interviewed. Selected applicants are contacted by Human Resources and interviews are scheduled and conducted. At the conclusion of the interview process, final selection is made based on the essential functions of the new or vacant position and the credentials of the applicant as determined by the Search Committee, who forwards their recommendation to the appropriate Dean. The Dean reviews the recommendation and forwards it, as deemed appropriate, to the College President, who recommends the applicant to the Board of Trustees.


If, in the opinion of the Search Committee, none of the applicants are qualified for the position, the process is begun over with the position being reopened and advertised again.


The responsibility for locating part-time faculty and making recommendations to the College President concerning their appointment rests with the Dean of Instructional Services, with assistance provided by the appropriate Division Chair or Director. Part-time faculty must meet the same qualification requirements as full-time faculty, but do not have to be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.


Upon hiring and prior to assignment, the personnel files of both full-time and part-time faculty must be current and complete, containing all required documentation necessary to comply with the various governing/credentialing entities. Faculty cannot receive a payroll check until their employment packet is complete and on file in the Human Resources Office.




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