Comprehensive Standard 3.4.2


The institution’s continuing education, outreach, and service programs are consistent with the institution’s mission. (Continuing Education/Service Programs)






Vernon College offers continuing education instruction that is consistent with the institutions’ mission, which states that the college will provide “Continuing adult education programs for occupational upgrading or personal enrichment”. The College strives to be responsive to the economic, training and community development needs of its 12 county service area through its Continuing Education programming. Courses are offered to respond to the needs of the general public, business and industry, and external agencies. Needs are determined through ongoing communication directly with the entity, with the Wichita Falls Board of Commerce and Industry or Workforce Resource Board and with the Vernon Business Development or Vernon Chamber of Commerce.


During the 2006-2007 academic year, the Vernon College Continuing Education Department enrolled a total of 6,135 students in 524 courses. This enrollment represents the College’s commitment to lead in outreach and service to the community through workforce and enrichment programs. Classes and seminars are offered both on and off campus, emphasizing that commitment to meet the needs of business, industry, and area citizenry by taking the programs where they are needed. In addition, online instruction and Interactive Television instruction is offered to further accommodate Vernon College Continuing Education learners.


Economic development needs within the service area are met through customized training initiatives. Vernon College is responsive to the needs of business and industry and tailors Continuing Education courses for content and length to meet the unique needs of each entity. Occupational training needs are met through a diverse cadre of courses ranging from health occupations to law enforcement to real estate. The courses are designed to prepare the student with entry level skills or to upgrade existing skill sets. These courses typically vary in length from one month to one year. They provide certifications for numerous occupations that are available in the College’s service area. In most Workforce and Community Development classes grades of complete or incomplete are given. Persons who register for and successfully complete continuing education classes are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). Seminars are offered to assist professionals with maintaining their licensure. Most professional licenses’ require the holder to obtain a pre-determined number of training hours on a regular cycle in order to maintain an expected level of competence. The Vernon College Continuing Education Department offers various opportunities throughout the calendar year for cosmetologists, professional counselors/social workers, allied health care workers, HVAC technicians, and various other license holders. Community development needs are met through a variety of avocational courses and seminars including aerobic exercise/dance, arts and crafts, and defensive driving.


The Community Development Program targets both ends of the age continuum through its Kids College and Emeritus Institute programs. Kids College is a summer enrichment program offered for children from 3-15 years of age. This program introduces children to the college environment and provides them with fun learning experiences in order to build a “college going” mindset. The Emeritus Institute is designed for persons 60 years of age and older. The Congregate Meals Program, part of the Institute, offers noon meals each weekday and provides fellowship opportunities. The Institute also provides health screenings and recreational outings in order to meet the total needs of the individual.


Vernon College continuously improves its Continuing Education Services and this is evidenced through the evaluation processes that are in place. At the conclusion of each course students are asked to evaluate the course and the instructor. The Director of Continuing Education reviews these evaluations in order to ascertain instructor performance and course relevancy. For all courses over 32 clock hours in length, the Director conducts classroom observations to gauge instructor performance.  In order to measure customer satisfaction and content relevancy, longitudinal evaluations are conducted in person by the Coordinator of Business and Industry with the industry/business’ training coordinator. This contact is also used to identify additional training needs that the industry/business may have. Finally, program evaluations are conducted each semester in order to insure that all offerings are in compliance with the regulations and guidelines from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board found in the Guide to Instructional Programs in Workforce Education (GIPWE) and Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM).




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