Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3


The institution publishes admissions policies consistent with its mission. (Admissions Policies)






Vernon College complies with the requirement to publish admissions policies, which are consistent with the mission of the institution. The college’s mission states: Vernon College is a comprehensive community college that integrates education with opportunity through our instructional programs and student services.” The General Admission Policy of the college states: “Vernon College has an open admission policy which ensures that all persons who can benefit from higher education have an opportunity to do so. The admission policy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, marital status, religion, disability, or age.”


Specifically, the institution grants admission to any applicants who desire an opportunity to take advantage of the courses and programs available at the College. In general, any high school graduate or otherwise qualified individual may be admitted to a semester hour credit course or program of study from which he/she may substantially benefit. Students may be admitted through one of the following admission categories:


1.    graduation from high school;

2.    high school equivalent;

3.    transfer;

4.    concurrent (high school) enrollment;

5.    foreign student;

6.    individual approval; or

7.    continuing education (non-credit) courses.


Detailed descriptions of each admission category are published in the Vernon College General Catalog and available online.




1.    Vernon College Mission

2.    Vernon College General Admission Policy

3.    Vernon College Admission Categories

4.    Vernon College Admission Policies and Categories, Vernon College General Catalog