Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7


The institution ensures the quality of educational programs/courses offered through consortial relationships or contractual agreements, ensures ongoing compliance with the comprehensive requirements, and evaluates the consortial relationship and/or agreement against the purpose of the institution.

(Consortia Relationships/Contractual Agreements)






Vernon College’s only consortia relationship is with the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). The Virtual College of Texas is a collaborative of Texas community and technical colleges. Through VCT, students may register at their local colleges to take credit and non-credit distance learning courses from other colleges throughout Texas. VCT provides Texas students access to quality instruction and support regardless of distance or time constraints. The Virtual College of Texas and its member institutions were reviewed and approved for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS COC) in June 2007.


Vernon College ensures the quality of courses offered through this consortial relationship by maintaining the same level of control over VCT hosted courses as it does over its own courses. The College employs its own system of checks and balances to ensure the courses are rigorous and steeped in quality. To document the quality of VCT coursework, the College’s subject matter expert faculty members are tasked with reviewing the syllabus/course content for each VCT course prior to student enrollment. Through information maintained at the VCT website, Vernon College reviews the instructor credentials, professional development policies, practices and plans of colleges providing courses hosted by VCT partnership institutions, ensuring that instructors of courses offered through VCT are provided ongoing professional development.


Participating in VCT allows Vernon College to support its mission: The Mission of Vernon College is teaching, learning, and leading. Therefore, the college will provide freshmen and sophomore courses in arts and science, including the new core and field of study curricula leading to associate and baccalaureate degrees.


The Vernon College President and the President’s Council (Dean of Student Services/Athletic Director, Dean of Administrative Services, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid/Registrar and the Dean of Instructional Services) reviewed the consortial agreement to ensure that VCT policies and procedures  embraced the College Mission, maintained the integrity of institutional standards, complied with the requirements of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) prior to signing the initial “agreement.” From that point forward, the agreement is periodically reviewed by the College President and President’s Council prior to expiration and renewal. Vernon College abides by all VCT policies and maintain relationships among “sister colleges” through VCT. Concurrently, Vernon College fulfills all institutional responsibilities by ensuring that all students are treated equally and are tasked with abiding by all college policy and procedures.




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