Comprehensive Standard 3.4.8


The institution awards academic credit for course work taken on a noncredit basis only when there is documentation that the noncredit course work is equivalent to a designated credit experience. (Noncredit to Credit)






Academic credit for non-credit coursework may be awarded at Vernon College in one of four ways: 1) when a non-credit course or program offered by the College, or a professional certification earned through other methods, has been reviewed and approved by appropriate faculty to be converted to credit upon request and 2) when accepted educational practices have been adopted (as in the case of credit requested for approved military courses) and 3) when courses taken in a secondary school are awarded credit according to an articulation agreement developed by the College and the secondary school and 4) when credit for experiential learning is awarded for required external work experience courses. All require appropriate documentation.


Selected non-credit coursework/programs and professional certifications are either designed or pre-assessed to be equivalent to corresponding credit-bearing courses. Notable examples:


         Completion of noncredit coursework/programs at Vernon College or professional certification earned through similar coursework/programs may be converted to semester hour credit only if the noncredit coursework/program meets the criteria described in the Collegeís General Catalog (see Credit from Non-Degree Programs/Courses and Professional Certifications).

         Veterans may request credit for training received under the Armed Forces College Training Programs and for specialized and technical training completed under the auspices of the armed forces. Credit awarded is based on equivalencies recommended by the Appropriate American Council of Education (see Evaluation of Military Experiences). A copy of a veteranís DD form 214 is required.

         Secondary school coursework is awarded semester hour credit only according to established articulation agreements by Vernon College and the secondary school (see Articulated Credit).

         Semester hour credit may be awarded for required external work experience courses (cooperative education, internship, clinical, and practicum) within the curriculum provided the learning is appropriately documented as described in the Vernon College General Catalog (see Credit for Experiential Learning).


(Also see Comprehensive Standard 3.4.4 for additional information about Vernon Collegeís alternative credit options.)




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