Comprehensive Standard 3.5.3

The institution defines and publishes requirements for its undergraduate programs, including its general education components. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs. (Undergraduate Program Requirements)






Vernon College awards the Associate in Arts, the Associate in Science, the Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Arts in Teaching, the Certificate of Completion, and the Marketable Skills Achievement Award. The Marketable Skills Achievement Award is a sequence of credit courses totaling 9-14 semester credit hours or Workforce Continuing Education courses of 144-359 contact hours which represent achievement of an identifiable skill proficiency. These awards meet the minimum standard for program length specified in the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) but are too short to qualify as certificate programs on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) program inventory. Students who complete the awards may be reported as completers.


Vernon College publishes the general education requirements for completing these awards in the Vernon College General Catalog. These requirements follow the educational standards are outlined in the THECB Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual, the Guidelines for Instructional Programs in Workforce Education, and the Workforce Education Course Manual.




1.         Undergraduate Program Requirements, Vernon College General Catalog

2.        Workforce and Community Development Programs, Vernon College General Catalog