Federal Requirement 4.1


The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates. (Student Achievement)







The achievement and success of students is central to the mission of Vernon College. A review of the institutional mission reveals that charges One, Two, Four, Six, and Seven relate specifically to student learning outcomes by stating that the College shall provide:


         Technical programs up to two years in length leading to associate degree or certificates;

         Vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled or skilled occupations;

         Continuing adult education programs for occupational upgrading or personal enrichment;

         A continuing program of counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational goals; and

         Workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs.


The Office of Institutional Research and Planning, and the Instruction and Student Services Divisions compile data in several formats to facilitate review and analysis of the achievement of students. This data is obtained from internal and external sources. Vernon College participates in The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's State-Level Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Process; this is an initiative designed to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of public community and technical colleges in Texas. The IE process permits colleges to make systematic use of evaluation results for the purpose of continuously improving institutional performance, services, and workforce education programs. An in-depth discussion of educational program outcomes is provided in Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1, and a detailed summary of college-level competencies within the general education core curriculum is provided in Comprehensive Standard 3.5.1.


In addition, the following links are provided as examples of the reports and data which are examined by Vernon College staff with respect to student achievement:


1.      Vernon College Percentage of Course Completers  

2.      Vernon College Employment and Education Outcomes

3.      Vernon College Degree Attainment

4.      Vernon College Licensure Report

5.      Vernon College Transfer Report

6.      IPEDS Vernon College and Cohort College Comparison



1.         Vernon College Mission Statement

2.      Vernon College Percentage of Course Completers

3.    Vernon College Employment and Education Outcomes

4.    Vernon College Degree Attainment

5.    Vernon College Licensure Report

6.    Vernon College Transfer Report

7.    IPEDS Vernon College and Cohort College Comparison