Federal Requirement 4.6 


Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institutionís practices and policies. (Recruitment Materials)






Vernon College recruitment materials and presentations are designed as educational pieces to reflect the mission and the vision of the College. Recruiting materials highlight programs and opportunities at each Vernon College location. These materials are distributed through many outlets including public and private schools, special interest groups, GED programs, and by the local and regional media. Most policies and practices are reiterated through Vernon College published materials including the Vernon College General Catalog, Student Handbook, class schedule, fliers, brochures, and handouts. The most visible and easily accessible recruiting tool is the Vernon College website.  Prospective students have a specific link on the Vernon College home page which guides them through the process of becoming a Vernon College student. Email addresses and phone numbers for all Vernon College Departments are readily accessible.


Every effort is made to ensure that materials and presentations provide the most current information on policies, practices, and programs available at each instructional location. All Vernon College recruiting materials are approved through one of the college deans.




1.    Vernon College Mission, Vernon College General Catalog

2.    Vernon College Vision, Vernon College General Catalog

3.    Vernon College General Catalog

4.    Vernon College Student Handbook

5.    Vernon College Course Schedule

6.    Vernon College website

7.    Vernon College Prospective Students Website