Directions:  For each substantive change approved since the institution’s initial accreditation or last reaffirmation review, briefly describe the change and provide the date of Commission approval.  If no substantive changes requiring approval have been submitted since the last comprehensive review, write “none” in the first column. If, in the review of substantive change, the institution discovers substantive changes that have not been reported according to Commission policy, the changes should be reported immediately to Commission staff.


Substantive changes requiring approval:


·         Initiating certificate or degree programs at a more advanced degree level

·         Initiating an off-campus site at which students can earn at least 50 percent of credits toward a degree

·         Initiating a branch campus

·         Initiating any change in legal status, governance, form of control, or ownership of the institution

·         Expanding the institution’s programs at the current degree level through the addition of significantly different programs

·         Initiating programs at a lower degree level

·         Initiating a consolidation or merger


Access hhtp:// and click onto “Policies” for additional information on reporting substantive change, including examples of the changes listed above.




Approval Date



Description of Substantive Change


June 2007





June 2007




June 2001





Vernon College Substantive Change for Distance Learning (approval to offer 50% or more of a degree program via distance learning, which may include 50% or more VCT-facilitated instruction).


Vernon College Substantive Change for VCT (continued accreditation following a state-wide review of institutions offering courses through the Virtual College of Texas).


Vernon College Substantive Change for Distance Learning (approval to offer up to 50% of a degree program via distance learning).