Officers (front row-kneeling): Kaylan Johnson-Parliamentarian, Tamara Wherry-President, Polina Lavrenova-Vice Pres, Danielle Davis-Secretary
Standing (middle row): Vicky Cooke-Kelly, -, -, Jessica Jennings, Alexis Skates, Chelsea Gardner; Standing (back row): Cody Brannam, Brian Hightower, -, -, Shazad Ali, Willis Moore, D'Ayana Morris, Ceonna Rhodes, Shateeck Pauyo


The purpose of this association is to establish and promote a harmonious relationship among students, faculty, and administration, and also to provide students with an active responsible role in the decision making process. It is the goal of this Association to provide an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and scholarship. This association shall abide by those guidelines governing the existence of clubs and organizations of Vernon College.

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