You are registered and bought your what? &" />You are registered and bought your what? &" />

You Are Here...Now What

Posted By: Melissa Elliott - 8/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

You are registered and bought your what?   The next logical step is to set goals for your semester.  Semester goals are the small steps needed to get to your college goals - GRADUATION!!  To end up with a successful academic semester, you’ll need to:

  1. Attend class. Obvious, right? Skipping class will be tempting at times, but avoid the temptation. Regular class attendance is a must! Besides learning the material by attending classes, you’ll also receive vital information from the instructors about what to expect on tests, changes in due dates, etc. Also, be aware of each instructor’s attendance policy.  Missing class can adversely affect your grade and in some instances can result in you being withdrawn from the class.

  2. Take advantage of the PASS Department.  You can receive tutoring services for most programs offered at Vernon College.  They also offer assistance with study skills, time management sills, test-taking strategies and various life and coping skills. 

  3. Meet with your instructors. Probably the most underutilized resource at college is the office hour.  All instructors have posted office hours to meet with students and help them with the course.  Your tests and grades will be better if you’ve had a chance to ask about things you’re confused about. 

  4. Don’t be anonymous.  Introduce yourself to your instructors and participate in class. We are not saying you have to sit in the front row and answer every question, just don’t hide in the back of the classroom and be invisible.  Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask questions in class; if you are wondering about something, chances are that someone else is too!

  5. Stay on top of your work. Try not to procrastinate.  “Plan ahead” should be your mantra for your college career.  Nobody ever says “Oh no, I started on that too early!" 

  6. Know that you are not alone.  If you need support, ask for it.  Those of us who have made education our life’s work want to see you succeed; let us know how we can help.

The VC Financial Aid Office wants to provide you the financial support you need to afford your education!  Have a great semester!!

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