Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates


Vernon College is excited to resume routine operations on Monday, May 18, 2020. Campus doors will be open in Vernon, Century City Center, and Skills Training Center. Please abide by the posted COVID-19 safety guidelines, including social distancing, if you come to one of our campuses.
We are glad to open for you to help you make plans for summer or fall classes. Summer school starts June 1 and the Fall semester begins August 24. Contact Vernon College and let us assist you with admissions, financial aid, advising, and registration.


Dear Vernon College VIP, 

I am checking in with you—students, potential students, and Vernon College employees—to share my understanding of how you have been impacted this 2020 spring semester by COVID-19 related issues. 

  • Currently enrolled Vernon College students have had their educational experience disrupted—but are prevailing in spite of it. 
  • Potential students have had their senior year turn upside down and, unfortunately, another group of potential students has had their lives turned upside down by loss of jobs and security. 
  • Faculty have seen the routine become the unexpected—but you have accomplished great transition in record-breaking time and with great professionalism. 
  • Staff have accomplished essential tasks remotely or with alternative schedules and you have done this with great diligence. 

I want to encourage each of you to look forward—not backward. I believe we can all find opportunities from every life experience. We need to put the past few months in the history books and look for our next opportunities. 

  • Students—I encourage you to complete your online classes and this spring semester. Continue your educational goals this summer and/or fall semester. Vernon College is focused on your success! 
  • Faculty—you have done a wonderful job. I commend you. I encourage you to continue using the new skills and technology, you have learned during this trying time to enhance future teaching experiences. Let us look forward to summer and fall semesters and opportunities. Vernon College stands ready to support you! 
  • Staff—thank you for assisting the Vernon College operation to continue as we strive to meet the needs of our students, communities, and employees. I have stated for over thirty years that a community college is the closest thing you will find to a perpetual motion machine. You have proven that the past two months. I am proud of you. 
  • Potential students—Vernon College is here for you, we want to help you meet you educational goals. Come join us this summer or fall for online and face-to-face classes. 
  • You are about to graduate high school—contact Vernon College  
  • You are ready to return to college after stopping out—contact Vernon College 
  • You are ready to look for a new career and the time is now—contact Vernon College 

I always challenge the great employees of Vernon College by asking-what more can we do to help you to succeed.We are a resilient people just as the Governor states.  We will look back on this as a tremendous learning experience. Students, potential students, faculty, and staff—let us all work together and let us all be Vernon College Strong! 

Wishing you the best at all times, 


Dusty R. Johnston, Ed. D.  


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