Drilling Fluid Technician

Looking for work?  Wanting a new career?  Have you considered a career in the Oil Field?  Every rig requires skilled staff to be operational.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics list the average weekly salary of non-supervisory workers in the oil and gas extraction industry as $1,120 a week.  That includes employees just starting off at the entry levels of the industry.  Those with specialty skills and supervisors make more. 

CD Fluid Training in conjunction with Vernon College offer training as a Drilling Fluid Technician, known in the industry as a “Mud Engineer.”  A Mud Engineer is responsible for monitoring and testing the fluid used to drill oil and gas wells.  The drilling fluid, known as “mud” has many functions in the drilling process some of the main functions are, hole cleaning, lubrication and pressure control. 

A Mud Engineer is responsible for testing and prescribing the proper treatment of the mud to maintain a desired set of characteristics.  A Mud Engineer checks the weight and viscosity, the pH, salinity, the fluid loss properties and many other properties of the mud to make sure the well can be drilled safely and efficiently.  It is a job that requires the ability to interpret data and make good, calculated recommendations to the Energy Company Representative and others involved with drilling the well. 

Upon completion of the Drilling Fluid Technician course, you will learn how to effectively test and evaluate the properties of the drilling fluid.  You will also be able to evaluate and prescribe the best treatment of the mud to maintain the properties needed for it to work. 

The Drilling Fluid Technician course includes an IADC Certified Well Control School during the course of instruction to give a very desirable set of skills and knowledge that will put you well ahead of the pack when it comes time to start working on a rig. 

The petroleum industry is growing and can be expected to grow as demand for oil increases across the globe.  The oil industry is global in scope and Mud Engineers are needed around all over the world.  If you believe you have the drive, intelligence and ability to succeed in a growing industry sign up and begin a new adventure.

Student Requirements;

21 Years of Age

Competent communication skills (speaking, reading and writing) Instructions provided in English

Competent with the use of computer programs (Internet and Microsoft Excel)

Competent with the use of hand held scientific calculators

Competent math skills pass math pre-test before course registration

Attendance is mandatory


Solve the following problems.

  1.             10.5/8.33 = 
  2.             ( (8.25)2/1029.4)2700 =
  3.             ((9.8752 - 8.52)/1029.4)600 =
  4.             14.7/0.098 =
  5.             9.2 X 80 = 8.5 X         X=?

If you answered 4-5 correct you are ready for a career in Drilling Fluids.  If you answered less than 4 correctly please contact CecilDuke@CDFluidtraining.com or by phone 580-695-1377 to see if this course is right for you.  (Scroll down for answers)

In this entry level course, the Drilling Fluid Technician will gain the knowledge, skills and competencies essential to evaluate drilling fluids and systems.  The 200 hour course topics include calculations, treatments and techniques, petroleum regulations, petroleum safety, petroleum regulations, chemical process technologies, fluid compositions, chemical safe handling practices, well control principles and fluid composition reporting and treatment recommendations.

 The 5 week course meets Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.  Classes are held at Vernon College, Century City Center, 4105 Maplewood Avenue, Wichita Falls, TX 76308.   

 See Program Flier For Details:  Drilling Fluid Technician  


Pre-registration is required, deadline for registration is two weeks prior to start of class. Students are required to enroll in the PTRT1012 for $500.00 to hold your place in the course.  PTRT2018 will need to be registered on or before the start of program.  ($2500.00)   Students must enroll in PTRT2025 by the 5th day of class.  ($3000.00)  Students must be registered to attend class. 

Once a program has began Continuing Education cannot offer a refund.  If a student requests a refund at least five Vernon College business days prior to the start of program, a refund will be processed minus a $15.00 fee.  A full refund is made if the class is canceled by the college. Refund policy may be different for some programs.  If a student does not meet the attendance policy for any reason and is dismissed from a program, a refund will not be available.   

Answers to Pre-Test

  1. 1.26
  2. 178.52
  3. 14.7
  4. 150
  5. 86.58
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