Frequently Asked Questions:

Do transfer students have to attend New Student Orientation (NSO)? Yes, all new to Vernon College students must attend New Student Orientation.

How long will New Student Orientation (NSO) last? The session typically lasts about an hour. Counselors will stay afterward and answer any questions you might have in a group setting or individually.

What will I learn in New Student Orientation (NSO)? New Student Orientation covers topics that will help students who are attending school with any college such as: how to read the class schedule, how to read the catalog, and terminology used on college campuses. The session will also answer questions specific to Vernon College such as how to register, your TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Status, who your advisor is, and when to register. The session explains all our certificate and degree programs and should help point you in the right direction to get started.

What is the Texas Success Initiative? The Texas Success Initiative or “TSI” is a state law enacted in 2003 that says all students attending a college or university in the State of Texas must prove they are “college ready” in reading, writing, and math before taking academic coursework. The State of Texas outlines minimum standards that must be met by each student. Each college or university has the opportunity to require higher standards but must at least meet the minimum standard. The Vernon College TSI policy is outlined in depth at the following link to TSI page…

Do I need to take a test before registering? This will depend on what your major is. Usually after attending an NSO session you will understand the TSI laws and also have an idea of what your major is. This information will help you determine if you need to take a test.

When is registration? Registration dates are always posted at the beginning of the class schedule. The class schedule is available on the Vernon College website and lists all the classes available for the upcoming semester. Vernon College has approximately 3300 students and our classes do fill up quickly. We encourage you to register as early as possible so that you have a wide choice of classes. Early registration is always done via the internet using our “campus connect” system. This is the preferred method of registration and information regarding the process is included in the NSO sessions.

Can I take all my classes on the internet? Yes, if they are offered in that format and not full. However, we do not recommend that you begin your first semester in that format. Internet classes require a lot of self motivation and also may still require on site meetings. We are not a correspondence school and you may be required to test on site and attend some class meetings at one of our campuses. 

How do I register for classes online using Campus Connect?

Online registration instructions 


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