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Vernon College

Governance thru Committees

Statement of Governance Commitment

Vernon College (VC) involves College personnel in the governance of the College through the organizational structure and College unit operational structures (i.e. Administrative Council, Instructional Council, Faculty Senate, Division Units and Committees (standing, task forces, groups, or teams)).  To ensure on-going and continuous involvement in governance, several areas have been identified for standing committee involvement and for other areas task or ad-hoc groups will be developed as needed.  Committees are organized for each academic year.  Standing committees have defined on-going responsibilities, whereas task forces, ad-hoc committees, or teams will have charges developed to meet specific issues.

Standing committees are expected to meet two times per semester.  All committees, task forces, etc. are expected to produce an agenda and recorded minutes which are to be uploaded to the College Effectiveness webpage.

Committee Membership Responsibilities

  1. Review the committee description, defined responsibilities or goals, and/or group charge.  Each committee shall organize and direct its meetings toward the effective accomplishments of the responsibilities, goals, and/or charge.
  1. Attend meetings, participate, and contribute.
  1. Be proactive and base decisions upon the institutional value of continuous development and improvement.
  1. Consider the institutional commitment to learning and  being a learning  institution committed to helping students and maintaining a work environment that supports each other in the decision making process.
  1. Keep notes (minutes) of each meeting.  Notes should be forwarded to committee members and all college personnel by e-mail.  This promotes communication and encourages broad input to and from committee members.  Agendas, minutes, reports, etc. should be posted to the College Effectiveness webpage.
  1. Seek input from colleagues and appropriate offices as committee responsibilities/charges are reviewed and addressed.
  1. Prepare a mid-year report and forward to all College personnel via e-mail.  The mid-year report should also be posted to the College Effectiveness webpage.  The Director of Institutional Effectiveness will monitor posting of reports.
  1. Prepare an end-of-year/charge report and forward to all College personnel via e-mail. The end-of-year report should be posted to the College Effectiveness webpage.  The Director of Institutional Effectiveness office will monitor the webpage to ensure timely completion of all necessary postings.
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