The SSBTN Committee has the primary responsibility of requesting, examining and interpreting data regarding student progress, engagement and success. The Committee presents the data and recommended strategies for improvement to the President, Administrative Team, College Effectiveness Committee, and at times all College employees for further discussion and analysis.


1. To build the capacity of VC staff and faculty to understand and communicate about data depicting student progress, engagement and success.
2. To identify improvements in data targeting and monitoring enhancements at Vernon College in regard to post-secondary preparation, access, persistence and completion.
3. To build an increasingly powerful culture of evidence to support and promote an effective student success agenda at Vernon College.
4. Provide oversight and make recommendations for:

  • Assessment and Report Calendar communication reports and requested changes
  • Key Performance Indicators of Accountability
  • Benchmarks
  • Mapping of student success efforts
  • Student Success Initiative Timeline



Student Success by the Numbers Annual Report

Student Success by the Numbers Mid-Year Report

Agendas, Minutes and Exhibits

September 5, 2014
Exhibit A - SSBTN Priorities
Exhibit B - SSBTN Committee Purpose and Responsibilities
Exhibit C - SSBTN Initiative at a Glance
Exhibit D, E, F, G, H - KPIAs and Benchmarks:
     Budget Revenue and Expenditures
     Course Completion Success
     Graduation, Persistence and Retention
     Placement and Completion
     Service Area High School Graduates who go to College
Exhibit I - Assessment and Report Calendar, Draft 2014-2015
Exhibit J - General Glossary, Draft 2014-2015

 November 7, 2014

Exhibit A - September 5, 2014 Minutes
Exhibit B - 2014-2015 Assessment Activity and Report Calendar
Exhibit C - Student Success by the Numbers Project at a Glance


 February 6, 2015

Exhibit A - November 7, 2014 Minutes
Exhibit B - SACSCOC Referral Report
Exhibit C - Assessment-Report Update
Exhibit D - SSBTN Project At a Glance
Exhibit E - IPEDS 2014

April 9, 2015

Exhibit A - February 6, 2014 Minutes
Exhibit B - Continuing Education Institutional Effectiveness Indicators
Exhibit C - Draft KPIA Benchmarks
Exhibit D - Spring 2015 Count Day Snapshot

August Electronic Meeting

August 2015 Voting Results



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