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Volleyball Championships | Awards | Honors

1989 Awards +
All Conference Players Wendy Schroeder, Konni Koller, Tina Murphee
Outstanding Offensive Liz Greer
Outstanding Defensive Tina Hines
Most Improved Suzanne Yancey
Coach's Award Michelle Fullerton
Fan of the Year Glennia Hunt
1990 Awards +
All Conference Players Tina Murphree, Liz Greer, Suzanne Yancey
Outstanding Offensive Liz Greer, Tina Murphree
Outstanding Defensive Suzanne Yancey
Most Improved Michelle McCain
Captains' Awards Liz Greer, Tracy Burns
Coach's Award Michelle Fullerton
Fan of the Year M/M J.R. Fullerton
1991 Awards +
All Conference Players Monica Hamilton, Jessica Baldwin, Stefanie Soto
Outstanding Offensive Monica Hamilton
Outstanding Defensive Jessica Baldwin, Stephanie Soto
Most Improved Jennifer McNutt
Captains' Awards Elisa Hubbard, Jessica Baldwin
Coach's Award Elisa Hubbard
Fan of the Year M/M Andy Baldwin
1992 Awards +
Outstanding Offensive Jennifer McNutt
Outstanding Defensive Aimee Conner
Most Improved Deidra Hamner
Captains' Awards Mandy Espy, Aimee Conner
Coach's Award Aimee Conner, Jennifer McNutt
Fan of the Year M/M John Soto
1993 Awards +
All Conference Players Kyanne Lindley, Rochelle Sternadel
Outstanding Offensive Joyce Holder
Outstanding Defensive Kyanne Lindley
Most Improved Shelley Cato
Captains' Awards Kyanne Lindley, Rochelle Sternadel
Coach's Award Kyanne Lindley, Joyce Holder, Rochelle Sternadel
Fan of the Year M/M Floyd Holder
1995 Awards +
Outstanding Offensive Sheila Dickens
Outstanding Defensive Alisa Schroeder
Most Improved Rachel Pena
Captains' Awards Sheila Dickens, DeAngela Hill
Coach's Award DeAngela Hill, Kim Johnson
Fan of the Year Dona Crow
1996 Awards +
All Conference Players Trista Cochran
Outstanding Offensive Trista Cochran
Outstanding Defensive Alisa Schroeder
Most Improved Nacole Terrell
Captains' Awards Bianca Valenciano, Tessa Schreiber
Coach's Award Bianca Valenciano
Fan of the Year Frank Smith
1997 Awards +
Academic All-Conference Stephanie Summers
Outstanding Offensive Holly Littrell
Outstanding Defensive P.J. Poe
Most Improved Erika Dean
Captains' Awards Edwina Brooks, Stephanie Summers
Coach's Award Edwina Brooks, Stephanie Summers
Fan of the Year Dr. Jim Farber
1998 Awards +
 Academic All-Conference Holly Davis, Alysia Neill
Nominated All-American Shelley Reeder
Honorable Mention All-American Tiffany Garza
Distinguished Academic All-American Alysia Neill
Academic All-American Alysia Neill
MVP of Region Tiffany Garza
Team Honors Region V Champions, District III Champions, National Tournament Qualifier (Orem, Utah)
All Conference Players Tiffany Garza, Shelley Reeder
Outstanding Offensive Shelley Reeder
Outstanding Defensive Alicia Kirk
Most Improved Merilee Milligan
Captains' Awards Alysia Neill, Tiffany Garza
Coach's Award Alysia Neill
Fan of the Year Ms. Terry Kirk, Alex & Johnnie Thomas
1999 Awards +
Academic All-Conference Amber Counts, Tiffany Fowler, Alicia Kirk, Krista Martin
Distinguished Academic All-American Tiffany Fowler, Alicia Kirk
Academic All-American Tiffany Fowler, Alicia Kirk
Student of the Year Alicia Kirk
All Conference Players Cara Marquart, Mendi Matus, Merilee Milligan
Outstanding Offensive Cara Marquart, Merilee Milligan
Outstanding Defensive Chantra Horton
Most Improved Loren Marshall
Captains' Awards Alicia Kirk, Mendi Matus
Coach's Award Tiffany Fowler, Alicia Kirk
Fan of the Year Amelio Herrera
2001 Awards +
Academic All-Conference Danielle Dickey, Holly Golden, Ashleigh Haynes, Jenny Matus
Distinguished Academic All-American Danielle Dickey
Academic All-American Danielle Dickey, Holly Golden, Jenny Matus
All Conference Players Danielle Dickey
Outstanding Offensive Jenny Matus
Outstanding Defensive Danielle Dickey
Most Improved Melissa Hill
Captains' Awards Elizabeth Foster, Danielle Dickey
Coach's Award Jenny Matus
Fan of the Year Joey Holton
2003 Awards +
Academic Award Christina Swaim
Freshman of the Year Aubrey Carpenter
Outstanding Offensive Jana Vieth
Outstanding Defensive Amy Armstrong
Most Improved Christina Kennedy
Captains' Awards Christina Swaim, Jana Vieth
Coach's Award Christina Swaim
Fan of the Year Beau Armstrong
2004 Awards +
Academic Award Amy Armstrong, Melissa Helm, Laura Jarvis, Aubrey Pavlis
Outstanding Offensive Aubrey Pavlis
Outstanding Defensive Rebecca Robinson
Most Improved Rebecca Robinson
Captains' Awards Jenni Grotte, Aubrey Pavlis
Coach's Award Pam Hansen
Fan of the Year Doug Karcher
2005 Awards +
Academic Award Ashlee Paetzold
Outstanding Offensive Ashley Smith
Outstanding Defensive Ashlee Paetzold
Most Improved Ashley Paetzold
Captains' Awards Kali Gerber, Ashlee Paetzold
Coach's Award Ashlee Paetzold
Fan of the Year Larry Holmes
2007 Awards +
Freshman of the Year Tana White
Outstanding Offensive Makenzie Willis
Outstanding Defensive Kenda Schroeder
Most Improved Makenzie Willis
Captains' Awards Julie Applewhaite, Jaimie Oliver, Makenzie Willis
Fan of the Year Andrea Powell
2008 Awards +
Freshman of the Year Marisela Morena
Outstanding Offensive Tana White
Outstanding Defensive Brittany Bankhead
Leadership Award Jackie Gerber
Fan of the Year Larry Holmes
2009 Awards +
Freshman of the Year Stephanie Randall
Outstanding Offensive Marisela Morena
Outstanding Defensive Katelyn Calloway
Coaches Award Arika Butler
Leadership Award Kaylynn McElroy
Fan of the Year Tim & Cathy Calloway
2010 Awards +
All Conference 2nd Team Stephanie Randall, Natalia Oliveira
Freshman of the Year Natalia Oliveira
Outstanding Offensive Stephanie Randall
Outstanding Defensive Yudith Ortiz
Coaches Award Whitney Foley
Leadership Award Aminah Orozco
Fan of the Year Sophia Perry
2011 Awards +
All Conference Players
1st Team/All Region: Natalia Oliveira
2nd Team: Blaik Smith, Kendahl Doss, Aminah Orozco
Freshman of the Year Blaik Smith
Outstanding Offensive Natalia Oliveira
Outstanding Defensive Kendahl Doss
Coaches Award Allie Whitehead
Leadership Award Whitney Foley
Fan of the Year Sophia Perry
2013 Awards +
Freshman of the Year Tiara Kelley
Outstanding Offensive Kristina Rankovic
Outstanding Defensive Miranda Miller
Leadership Award Carolline Reis
Most Improved Braidi Warren
2012 North Texas Junior College Athletic Conference Champions: Region 5 Runner-Up (32-7), Ranked 15th in NJCAA
2014 Awards +
Freshman of the Year Ciandra Seabourn
Outstanding Offensive Kristina Rankovic
Outstanding Defensive Taylor Tepfer
Leadership Award Brittney Owens
Most Improved Kristina Bergman
Fan of the Year The Elliott Family (Guy, Melissa, Riley & Carson)
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