Who Pays 

When Are 
You Eligible    

What You Receive

Health Insurance     State-100% for Employee;
State - 50% for
Employee - 50% for
Dependent(s) ; Benefit Eligible, Part time Employee amounts prorated
    1st of the 
    month following 
    60 days
   Health Select 
 Retiree Insurance  

 with a minimum of 10 years benefit-eligible TX state service credit, may be eligible to enroll in retiree health insurance when age and service requirements are met

 See Options
Life Insurance State - 100%
for Basic Life
    1st of the 
    month following 
    $5,000 Term Life
and AD&D
Optional Group
Term Life
 Employee - 100%  1st of the 
    month following 
  May purchase up to 4 times annual salary with EOI

 Delta Dental

starting sept. 1

 Employee- 100%  1st. of the month following election  Choice of Dental Choice or DHMO

Dental Insurance



Dental Discount Plan

Employee - 100%     1st of the 
    month following 

    Choice of Dental Choice     or DHMO


Dental Discount Plan 

 State of Texas Vision  Employee 100%  1st of the month following election  State of Texas Vision
Cancer Insurance Employee - 100%    1st of the 
    month following 
    Offered through AFLAC 
Long-Term Disability  Employer - 100%     1st of the 
    month following 

   60% of monthly salary 
   -180 days elimination 

Short-Term Disability     Employee - 100%     1st of the 
    month following 
   66% of monthly salary
   -30 days elimination 
Dependent Life  Employee - 100%    1st of the 
    month following 
    $5,000 Term Life and
AD&D   Employee - 100%      1st of the 
    month following 
   Up to $200,000 coverage


Overview of TRS and ORP

Optional Retirement
State - 6.6%
Employee - 6.65%
    1st day of 

    Faculty and some Administration
 -total value of account 
    based on contributions

Teacher Retirement
State - 6.4%
Employee - 6.7%
    1st of the 
month following 
 Annuity based on service credit years and/or age
   and salary    
1.31% Supplement College - 100%     Upon 
    College contributes 1.31% of 
 salary as supplement to retirement.
    ORP participants must invest with
ORP moneys. TRS participants select 
from a group of vendors to invest.
Employee - 100%    1st of the
 month following 
    Ability to set aside pre-tax income for
 out-of-pocket healthcare and
dependent care expenses.
 Workers Compensation  College - 100%     Upon Employment     CAS workers comp. benefits
Sick Leave College - 100%     1st month 
 of employment
 One day (8 hours) per month
-max. 480 hours  
Vacation College - 100% 1st month 
of employment    
   12 month employees only.
    One day (8 hours) per 10 months
    per year. Leave can be used upon
    completion of 6 months probationary
    period -max. 160 hours.
Holidays College - 100%     Upon 
 Approximately 25 days
Personal Leave College - 100% Upon
16 hours -granted annually
in September to be taken from Sick Leave. Use it or lose it. No carry over.
 Anniversary Leave College- 100% Upon reaching employee's 10 year anniversary Full salary for one day each year. Use it or lose it. No carry over.
Jury Duty College - 100% Upon 
Full salary for time
spent on jury duty
Tuition Exemption(Employee) College - 100%     Following 12
 months Full-time

   Tuition and fees for Vernon College
credit classes

Apply through
and dependent
on fund availability
Guidelines are established 
    and on file Institutional Advancement
    and on the STARS application.
Use of Vernon
College Library
No charge     Upon
    Checkout privileges for books
Patron     Available to 
Public and
   Low cost for hair cuts, hair style, 
    and chemical services. Faculty
    and Staff receive discounts.
Food Services Employee     Upon
    Discount rate for meals
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