Fall 2022 Academic Calendar

Campus SaVE Act (Sexual Assault & Violence Education)

Seeks to address the violence women face on campus: the highest rates of stalking, the highest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence, and 20-25% of female students experiencing attempted rape or rape. 

What you need to know:

Sexual Assault Myths and Facts

1) How to protect yourself from becoming a victim

· Learn personal protection strategies...Never leave a drink unattended, even non-alcoholic beverages

· Adopt the practice of safety in numbers...Use the buddy system (at a party, on campus, or out in the community)

· Tell someone your business...always let at least one person know where you’re going, who you’re meting & what you plant to do

· Keep your online life private...don’t share your location

· Protect yourself & your belongings...take a self-defense class, carry a whistle, carry mace

2) How to protect yourself from becoming a perpetrator

· Understand “consent”...If you have to use force, it's rape. If consent is unable to be given, it's rape. If they are blindly under the influence, unresponsive, demonstrating reluctance, or blatantly saying “no,” step back and realize what you may be doing to someone. It's as simple as that.

3) How to protect others from becoming victims

· Trust your instincts...If something looks like it might be a bad situation, it probably is.

· Don’t just be a bystander...if you see something, intervene in any way you can.

· Be direct...Ask someone who looks like they may need help if they’re okay.

· Get someone to help you if you see something...enlist a friend, dorm staff, teacher, or parent to help step in. Tell as many people as you can if you witness something that just feels “off” so you can take action together.

· Keep an eye on someone who has had too much to drink.

· If you see someone who is too intoxicated to consent, enlist their friends to help them leave safely.

· Encourage everyone around you to invest in programs that raise awareness about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault & stalking

4) How to make healthy decisions about sex & relationships

· Know your resources…www.itsonus.org, www.notalone.gov, rainn.org

· Sexual assault is real, and unfortunately, it's happening at colleges more than ever. As peers, friends, and even as human beings, we must take the responsibility to bring these statistics down. Speak up. Avoid turning your head. Protect yourself, and protect one another.


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