TSI Exemptions

Exemptions using other tests:

ACT/SAT/TAKS/STAARS EOC Tests-Students who meet the following standards may be exempt from taking the TSI Assessment test if they have valid ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STAAR EOC scores.  It is the student's responsibility to provide official scores to VC to qualify for an exemption prior to enrollment in any college-level courses and prior to expiration of those specific scores.

The minimum exemption standards for these tests are: 

Name of Test

Composite Score

English/Verbal Scores

Math Scores

Expiration Date from the date the test is taken


 Combined 1070

500 (Critical Reading score)


5 years


 Composite    23



5 years

TAKS Exit Exam 11th Grade


2200 with Writing Sub-score of 3


5 years



Level II (2000 on reading AND 2000 on writing) on English III EOC exam

Level II (4000) on Algebra II EOC exam

5 years

Other Exemptions:

Student who transfers to Vernon College from a private institution of higher education or an accredited out-of-state institution of higher education and who has       satisfactorily completed college-level coursework may be exempt for portions of the TSI law at Vernon College.   The coursework from the private or out of state institution of higher education must have a prerequisite of reading, writing and/or math for the same class at Vernon College.  A student may be partially TSI clear in reading and writing but not clear in math or vice versa. 

  • Previously graduated with an Associate or Baccalaureate  degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Enrolling in a certificate program of 1 year or less (less than 42 semester credit hours)
  • Student serving as active duty or active reserves in the US Armed Forces
  • Student honorably discharged from Active Duty in the US Armed Forces after August 1, 1990 (student should provide a copy of a DD214)

Students who are College Readiness Not Clear are mandated to be enrolled in developmental coursework until they have completed their developmental plan. Students will receive their Individual Developmental Plan from the Counseling Office. Students who are College Readiness Not Clear must have their schedules approved by the Vernon College Counseling Office each semester to verify they are following their Individual Developmental Plans and making progress toward completion of the plan.  

The Individual Developmental Plan will be designed on an individual basis to provide the student an appropriate measure to obtain College Readiness Clear status and include:

  • career advising
  • course based and/or non course based developmental education options
  • campus and/or community resources and support services
  • degree plan or plan of study
  • designated point of contact
  • registration information for the next semester
  • differentiated placement
  • a description of the appropriate coursework to ensure college readiness
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