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Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident which occurs on any VC campus, a Student Accident Report Form should be submitted.  The Student Accident Report Form is available online (, and is to be completed by the student within 24 hours of the accident and turned in to the VC Human Resource Office.


The use of alcohol can lead to serious health risks, such as the loss of muscle control, poor coordination, slurred speech, fatigue, nausea, headaches, increased likelihood of accidents, impaired judgment, and possible respiratory paralysis.

Heavy drinking can lead to alcoholism; damage to brain cells; increased risk of cirrhosis; ulcers; heart disease; heart attack; cancers of the liver, mouth, throat, and stomach; and hallucinations.

Pandemic Influenza

A pandemic flu is defined as a global outbreak of a virulent human disease for which there is no vaccine and little natural immunity.  Information about pandemic influenza is available to all Vernon College students through the Wellness Center information centers on all campuses.  Further information regarding symptoms, diagnosis or transmission can be found at

The College’s pandemic influenza response team will work in conjunction with local, state, and federal government health officials to determine the most prudent course of action to prevent and contain a pandemic flu outbreak within the College campuses.

Illegal Drugs

Health risks associated with the use of illegal drugs include increased susceptibility to disease due to a less efficient immune system, increased likelihood of accidents, personality disorders, addiction, death by overdose, anemia, and poor concentration.

Bacterial Meningitis

Information about bacterial meningitis is available to all new college students in the state of Texas. Bacterial meningitis is a serious, potentially deadly disease that can progress extremely fast. 

Every first time student attending Vernon College, including transfer students, who live in on-campus housing, must show evidence of vaccination against bacterial meningitis.

Evidence of the student having received the vaccination from an appropriate health practitioner must be received by the Vernon College Housing Department.  The student must have received the vaccination at least ten (10) days prior to the student taking up residence in on-campus housing.

Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination required for Spring 2012 

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