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 Texas A&M University - Galveston Campus

Texas A&M University - Galveston Campus









Gates Hall at Wayland Baptist University

Gates Hall at Wayland Baptist University









Baylor University in Waco, Texas

Baylor University in Waco, Texas








Picture of the University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin

Welcome to the Transfer Center

"You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

Dr. Seuss

You will find the resources you need to transfer successfully to the four-year university here.  We offer support services and information to help you with the transfer process.

At Vernon College, you can complete your lower-division core (general education) courses and your major preparation requirements, then transfer as a junior to your chosen Texas Public University, independent, or out-of-state institution.  You must begin the course planning process early.  We recommend your first semester as major preparation requirements vary from major to major and from university to university. 








Where do Vernon College Graduates Transfer?

 Midwestern State University 56%
 Other Public 4 year Institutions 13%
 University of Texas at Arlington 9%
 Texas Tech University 8%
 Tarleton State University 6%
 West Texas A&M University 5%
 University of North Texas 3%



University Counselor Visits for Fall 2022

University Day Date Time Campus
 MSU Thurs. Sept. 15th 10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
UT Arlington Tues. Sept. 27th 12-1pm Virtual
MSU Application Workshop Tues. Sept 27th 12 pm-3 pm CCC Campus Rm. 512
Texas Wesleyan Univ. Thurs. Sept 29th 2 pm-4:30 pm
Vernon Campus
Wayland Baptist Univ. Tues. Oct 4th 10 am-1 pm Vernon Campus
Thurs. Oct 6th  10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Texas Tech Univ.
Mon. Oct 24th 10 am-1 pm
CCC Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma
Wed. Oct 26th  10 am-1 pm
CCC Campus
MSU Thurs. Oct 27th
10 am-1 pm
CCC Campus
Nov 1st
  10 am-1 pm
Vernon Campus
 Univ. of Central Oklahoma Thurs
Nov. 3rd
   10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Nov 9th
   10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Wayland Baptist Univ.
  Wed. Nov 16th
   10 am-1 pm    CCC Campus
 Texas Tech Univ.  Tues.  Nov. 22nd   2 pm - 5 pm  Virtual**
  Univ. of Central Oklahoma  Wed.    Nov 30th   10 am-1 pm  CCC Campus

** The link to the virtual appointment with Ashley Semler, the Texas Tech Admissions Counselor, will become active closer to the visiting date.  For questions and more information, contact Gregg Chesterman at gchesterman@vernoncollege.edu

The visiting university Transfer Counselor will have a table set up in the Northwest Lobby by Student Success, Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Business Office on the Century City Center campus.   The location on the Vernon campus will be the Colley Student Center.

Not sure what questions you should ask the university representative when they come to visit the Vernon Campus?  Don't worry, here is a list of common questions you can ask. 



University Counselor Visits for Spring 2023

University Day Date Time Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma Tues. Jan. 31st 10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma Thurs. Feb. 16th 10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma Tues. March 28th 10 am-1 pm Vernon Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma  Wed. Apr. 12th 10 am-1 pm CCC Campus
Univ. of Central Oklahoma Thurs. May 1st 10 am-1 pm
CCC Campus


How to Complete the Bachelor's Degree


How many classes do I need to take?

The associate's degree at Vernon College is about 20 classes (60 credits).  These are freshman and sophomore level classes.  The bachelor's degree at the university is typically 40 classes (120 credits).  These are freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior level classes.  The goal of transfer planning is to make sure you take the correct classes at Vernon College so that all of your freshman and sophomore classes are completed when you transfer leaving only about 20 more classes to take before you graduate with the bachelor's degree.  This process is sometimes referred to as a 2 2 program and universities will often make special agreements with community colleges to guarantee this to students transferring to that university.  Be aware that developmental classes (some math and English classes that you may be required to take to become TSI complete) do not count towards the 20 class requirement.


What kind of classes do I need to take?

You must take about 14 classes to meet Core (general education) requirements and also about 6 elective classes to complete the degree at Vernon College before you transfer.  Core classes are chosen from the Core requirements found in the college catalog.  Elective classes are chosen based on the major preparation requirements for your chosen major at the 4-year university.  If you are a Criminal Justice major, then you would take criminal justice classes as your electives at Vernon College.  If you chose a major in the Health Sciences pathway, then you would take more biology classes as your electives.  

Because university majors require different classes, it is important that you meet with your Student Success Specialist when you first start Vernon College to start transfer planning.  It is also important to meet with university admissions counselors when they visit Vernon College.  You can include them in the planning process, get important contact information at the university, and learn about the transfer process at that institution.


How Long will it take me to transfer to the university?

Some people assume that because Vernon College is a community college, they will complete their degree and transfer to the university in two years.  Actually, the time it takes you to complete your degree and transfer is subject to your math/English placement and how many classes you take each semester.  If you plan to complete your degree in two years, you must complete 10 college level classes that meet your degree requirements each year.  If you have some math and/or English developmental classes to do, then you may need to complete 12 or more classes each year.  If you can take 5 classes each semester (assuming you do not need any developmental classes), then you can complete your degree in 2 years without taking any classes in the summer. 

Only take classes that are listed on your degree plan.  When you meet with your Student Success Specialist, he/she will create a degree plan listing the 20 classes you need for your degree.  Only take classes that are listed on the degree plan.  Taking a class not on the degree plan may require you to take more than 20 classes to complete the degree, and cost you more money and time for the extra class(es). 

Many students work, have family responsibilities, or other obligations that do not allow them to take 5 classes a semester.  Semester course load (the number of classes you take) should be determined by your ability, class rigor, and other personal responsibilities.  A community college student may take longer than 2 years to complete their degree and transfer to the 4-year university because of these other factors.  


Other Transfer Resources





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