Welcome to Century City Fitness Center page! Here you will find the details about our facility, operating hours, and information about fitness classes currently being offered. We are excited to be able to give students and community members a place to come workout, take a class, learn more about wellness, and have fun!


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- Students enrolled in academic classes: FREE
- Community Members $50/Semester

Premium Memberships:* (These include access to gym, as well as all fitness classes being offered)
- Student/Employee: $25/Semester
- Community Member:

Students and Community Members may also enroll in individual fitness classes offered at the Century City Fitness Center. Enrollment in a fitness class includes full access to the fitness center during regular operating hours. Please see current class offerings below.
*All students and members must obtain a student ID from the business office prior to utilizing the fitness center or taking a class.


Current Class Offerings:


Spin your wheels to a healthy you!  Spin classes are designed for the beginner to the elite athlete. Instructors are equipped to make each session for any level.  You will increase heart rate and improve overall strength in this class.  Looking to improve cardio or strengthen muscles? These spin classes will help you to attain your overall goals by riding to a new you!

9/04-12/11        9:30 AM-10:30 AM      TR         $65


Challenge your mind-body awareness in a multi-level Yoga class.  Classes will practice a variety of asanas and Pranayama with an emphasis on improving core and overall strength, flexibility, balance and focus.  Appropriate for all fitness levels.

9/04-12/14     9:00 AM-10:00 AM       TF      $65

9/05-12/12       6:00 PM-7:00 PM         MW     $65


A high energy, dance fitness workout that gets your blood pumping & heart rate going! The moves are challenging, yet easy to follow. You are guaranteed to leave with a good sweat! Whether you’re beginning or advance in the fitness world, this class is for you!!

9/04-12/11     6:00 PM-7:00 PM        TR           $65

 Water Aerobics

Get fit in the pool with low impact water aerobics!   Some of the best aerobic and full body workouts can be done in the water. These exercises are done in a swimming pool and do not require swimming skills. All equipment needed is provided. Just bring a swimsuit! Water exercise is safe and beneficial to seniors or any age, with a variety of fitness levels.

9/05-12/14       9:00 AM-10:00 AM             MWF     $65

 9/04-12/11           5:30 PM-6:30 PM            TR        $65


Fall and Spring: 
Monday:        7am - 8pm
Tuesday:        7am - 8pm
Wednesday:  7am - 8pm
Thursday:      7am - 8pm
Friday:            8am - 12pm
Saturday:       9am - 1pm
Sunday:          Closed

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