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 Vernon College Multi-functional Chaparral Student ID Card

The Chaparral ID Card is an official Vernon College picture ID card. In addition to identifying the relationship with Vernon College, the card provides access to the Vernon College libraries.

    1. Who qualifies for a card? 
        a. Students 
        b. Faculty and Staff 

    2. Expiration of Chaparral ID Card 

        ID cards are valid while cardholder still has an active status with the College or the 
        printed expiration date on the card, whichever is first. 

    3. Policy of ID Picture taking 

        For ID card pictures, Vernon College requires individuals to remove any items not worn 
        as part of their daily appearance (i.e. prescription eyeglasses.) The only exceptions are 
        items worn for cultural and religious reasons. All bandannas, hats, sunglasses and/or visors, 
        etc. are to be removed before picture is taken.

    4. Card Fee Structure 
        a. Student’s First Card – The Chaparral ID Card is free for all students. 
        b. Students Replacement Cards – A $15.00 charge will be obtained when a replacement 
            ID card is issued. All payments must be submitted to the Business Office before the 
            time of issuance. 

    5. Responsibilities as a Cardholder 
        a. Deactivating or Reinstating Chaparral Card – Faculty/Staff and Students do not have to 
            surrender their cards upon discontinuing their employment/association with Vernon College. 
            The banking features of the card will continue until the Herring Bank is notified by the cardholder. 
        b. Reporting a Lost/Stolen Card – To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1-866-348-3435, 
            24 hours a day. You will also need to go to the Business Office for a replacement card.

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