If a course does not materialize and is canceled by the College, one hundred (100%) percent of all applicable tuition and fees charged will be refunded. No refunds are made without the honorable dismissal or official withdrawal of the student from the College. No cash refunds or reversal of charges to credit cards will be made. All credits will be applied to any outstanding balance owed to the college before a refund will be issued, including balances due on installment plans. Refunds are issued by check mailed to student's address of record, direct deposit to the student's Chaparral ID Card, or other designated direct deposit account

Tuition and fees paid directly to the institution by a sponsor, donor, grant, or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student.

Refund Schedule 

VC shall refund mandatory fees and tuition assessed for courses from which the students drop or withdraw, according to the following schedule. Class days refer to the number of calendar days the institution normally meets for classes, not the days a particular course meets. The indicated percentages are to be applied to the tuition and mandatory fees assessed for each course from which the student is withdrawing. Students that drop and add a course or courses on the same Schedule Change Form may receive a refund or be assessed additional tuition and fees based on the class location or method of instruction.

Students who officially withdraw from VC or drop a course prior to the first day of classes or during the Schedule Change period of each term will be refunded one hundred (100%) percent of their mandatory tuition and fees assessed for applicable courses.

VC must follow the applicable refund policy for courses associated with any program which is approved for Title IV federal funding.

Refund date schedule:  

Percentage Refunded

Spring (16 week)

Spring I (8 week)

Spring II (8 week)


6:00 p.m., January 23

6:00 p.m., January 23

6:00 p.m.,March 25


6:00 p.m., February 10

6:00 p.m., January 30

6:00 p.m.,April 1


6:00 p.m., February 17

6:00 p.m.,February 3

6:00 p.m.,April 3

Percentage Refunded

Fall 2019 (16 week)

Fall I (8 week)   

Fall II (8 week) 


6:00 p.m., August 28     

6:00 p.m., August 28

6:00 p.m., October 23


6:00 p.m., September 16

6:00 p.m., September 5

6:00 p.m., October 30


6:00 p.m., September 23

6:00 p.m., September 9

12:00 p.m., November 1

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