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In accordance with The Higher Education Coordinating Board's most recent directive,  Vernon College does not waive core courses for an associate's degree.  Any Vernon College student with a disability who wishes to request a reasonable substitution or a waiver for any non-core course should adhere to the following procedure:

I. The student must submit evidence of a documented disability written by a qualified professional. The documentation must verify that a disability exists and that it impacts major life functions in a way that impairs the student’s ability to successfully complete the course(s) in question.

II. After the documentation is reviewed and the individual is considered qualified under the ADA, the student must submit in writing to the Office for Students with Disabilities Coordinator (OSD) the following:
      A. Proof that the failure to meet the requirement(s) for which substitution is requested is due to the disability.
      B. An expert’s written opinion that a course substitution or waiver is warranted.
      C. A copy of the student’s transcript, including test scores and transfer information

III. Once all required information is submitted, the OSD Coordinator will convene a committee within five class days of receiving the information. The committee will consist of the following people:
     A. The Division Chair in charge of the student’s declared or certified major area. 
     B. One faculty member representing the subject area to be substituted or waived
     C. The Office for Students with Disabilities Coordinator 
     D. A Vernon College Student Success Specialist 

IV. The committee’s recommendation regarding this request shall be put in writing. It shall include the rationale for the decision, and in cases where a substitution is approved, shall recommend a specific substitution. The Office for Students with Disabilities Coordinator will forward the decision to the Vice President of Instructional Services within five class days. The Vice President of Instructional Services will make a final decision and forward that decision to the Office for Students with Disabilities Coordinator within five days. The OSD Coordinator will contact the student within five days of the final decision.

V. Grievance Procedure
A student who is denied a substitution/waiver may follow the Vernon College ADA Grievance Procedure outlined in the current Vernon College Student Handbook.

Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities on the Vernon Campus if you have questions.
Location: Wright Library, Room 217, Vernon Campus
Phone: 940.552.6291, ext. 2308
Fax: 940.552.6387
Email: rwhite@vernoncollege.edu

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