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Student Success-Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an Academic Coaching session?
Contact the Student Success Specialist directly to schedule a session, either by phone or through email

What types of things will I learn? 
The Student Success Specialist will help you get organized for the semester and give you a personalized, recommended study plan that you can apply to your studies right away! 

How long does a session take?
Academic Coaching sessions typically take about 30 minutes. 

Where do I go? How much will it cost?
Academic Coaching sessions are FREE to currently enrolled students. The Student Success Specialist's office is located in Student Services. 

Why is it important to go to class?
Attending each & every class is essential to succeeding in your classes and making good grades. Treat attending college like you would your "job". 

Why am I on Academic Probation?
A student is on Academic Probation when their cumulative or semester gpa falls below a 2.0.

What is an Early Alert? 
An Early Alert is an early warning system utilized by the faculty to inform students when they are concerned about the student's academic progress in their class. Early alerts can be sent for unsatisfactory academic progress, frequent absenteeism, or other concerns of the instructor. 

Why did I get an Early Alert? 
You received an Early Alert because your instructor is concerned about your progress in their class. This could be due to: an excessive number of absences, not turning in assignments, low grades, students who are struggling in crisis or have social or emotional concerns. 



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