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Vernon College offers counseling/academic planning services at all instructional locations. Beginning with the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 registration periods, all students will be assigned a Student Success Advisor. Your Student Success Advisor will be your primary point of contact for all of your student success needs beginning with your first semester and continuing through completion of your educational goals.

In addition to academic advising, Vernon College Counselors are available to students for consultation on personal or social matters. The Vernon College Counseling Department realizes that a variety of factors affects a student’s success in higher education. Our goal is to help each individual student realize the resources available to them so they can utilize them and develop a support system to help each student achieve their goals.


Kristin Harris Image     
Kristin Harris
Dean of Student Services
940-552-6291 x. 2312 or 940-696-8752 x. 3304
Clara Garza Image

Clara Garza
Counselor, Century City
940-696-8752 x. 3209


Jackie Polk Image Jackie Polk
Counselor, Century City
940-696-8752 x. 3202
Lindsey David Image

Lindsey David
Counselor, Vernon Campus
940-552-6291 x. 2253

Sjohonton Fanner Image

Sjohonton Fanner
Student Success Specialist, Vernon Campus
940-552-6291 x. 2203

Kelly Peterson Image

Kelly Peterson
Student Success Specialist, Century City
940-696-8752 x. 3352

Dona Crow Image Dona Crow
Secretary, Vernon Campus
940-552-6291 x. 2278

Delilah Fowler
Secretary, Century City
940-696-8752 x. 3206


Renee Ritchie Image Renee Ritchie
Secretary, Century City
940-696-8752 x. 3329
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