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Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment

As of January 11, 2021, the TSI has transitioned to the TSI A2. All test scores from the current version of the TSI will be valid five years from the date of testing. Unfortunately we are unable to give the original version of the TSI. If you need to retake any portions of the TSI, you will have to take the TSI A2. For more information on the TSI A2, see below.

The TSI is offered Monday-Thursday at the Wichita Falls Century City Center and Thursdays at the Vernon Campus. Please call 940-689-3778 (CCC) or 940-552-6291 ext. 2317 (Vernon) for more information or to make an appointment.


The TSI Assessment is designed to assess students' readiness for college-level work in English Language Arts and Mathematics and to provide information used to identify appropriate interventions that will improve the skills of students who are not prepared for college-level course work. Unless exempt, incoming Texas college students are required to take the TSI Assessment to determine their readiness for college-level work. Based on how a student performs, he/she may be enrolled in a college-level course that matches his/her skill level or be placed in an appropriate developmental course or intervention to improve skills in areas of identified weakness. If you believe you may be exempt from the TSI Assessment, please see our exemptions.

The TSI placement and diagnostic tests are computer adaptive assessments, and the specific questions that appear on any given test administration varies based on each individual student's performance on each item. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty level depending on how a student responds. The assessments are untimed; however, it is important for students to allow enough time to complete each test because the results are a key factor in determining the course or courses in which they can enroll. An examinee could take as little as 1.5 hours or as long as 5 hours.

The cost of the TSI Assessment is $20 for the full exam and $10 each for retests. 

About the TSI A2:

  • Same exam used by all public colleges and universities in Texas.
  • Covers reading, writing, and math in two sections- English/Language Arts/ Reading and Math
  • ELAR section includes 30 questions and an essay- if you do not pass you will take an additional 48 questions that can boost your score to passing
  • Math section includes 20 questions- if you do not pass you will take an additional 48 questions that can boost your score to passing
  • If you do not pass the TSIA2 you can still attend Vernon College but you will be required to be enrolled in developmental coursework for the sections you did not pass
  • You can retest at any time
  • The test cost $10 per section- $20 for both ELAR and math
  • Please allow 2-3 hours per section when you come to test
  • We recommend only taking one section (ELAR or math) in one sitting
  • Scores are valid for 5 years from the test date
  • If you do not pass you will now be given a link to a personalized study program tailored to your performance on the test

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will  I need to retake my TSI  if I took the previous version? No. All TSI scores are good for 5 years, whether the scores are passing or not.
Can I still retake my reading or writing tests by themselves? Unfortunately no. You will have to take the entire ELAR section.
How long does the test take? The TSI is still untimed. Plan for at least 1-2 hours per section.
Can I still stop my test and come back at a different time to finish? Yes. You may pause your test on any portion EXCEPT for the essay.

College Ready Scores:
Mathematics - 950 or diagnostic score of 6
English Language Arts (ELAR) - 945 and essay score of 5 or diagnostic score of 5 or 6 and essay score of 5

TSI (Taken before January 11, 2021)
Mathematics - 350
Reading - 351
Writing - 340 and essay score of 4 or and essay score of 5

Helpful Resources:

Pearson Perspective
TSI Sample Questions
Writeplacer Guide with Sample Essays

To Request a Score Report:

You may log in to the Accuplacer Student Portal to retrieve a copy of your scores and send it to another institution. 

You may also download the Request for Score Report form, print it, and mail or email it to the address on the form.

To make an appointment to take the TSI Assessment, please call (940) 689-3778 in Wichita Falls or (940) 552-6291 ext. 2317 in Vernon.

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