Fall 2022 Academic Calendar


As per the VC Catalog, all certificate and degree seeking transfer students must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended. These transcripts, if not already provided, must be submitted to the VC Admissions and Records Office. The financial aid office will review the academic history for all students flagged as having an unusual enrollment history. If the student did not earn academic credit at a previously attended institution (including VC), the student may submit a statement explaining why they failed to earn academic credit. The student must provide a separate statement for each of the institution(s) the student attended and failed to earn academic credit. The student must provide documentation from a third party (doctor’s statement, hospital records, police report, obituary, military orders, etc.) that supports the reasons described by the student and that the student did not enroll only to receive credit balance funds.  Requests submitted without supporting documentation will be denied. The institution’s decision is final.
If the student’s eligibility is terminated, the student may regain eligibility by enrolling at VC and successfully completing at least twelve (12) semester hours. In addition, the student must have a cumulative Financial Aid GPA of at least 2.0, a cumulative successful pace of completion of at least 67%, and remain within the 150% maximum time frame. When this is accomplished, their eligibility will be reinstated.  STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR NOTIFYING THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID WHEN THEY BELIEVE THEY HAVE REGAINED ELIGIBILITY FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.





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